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Who needs a Form VA 21P-4706b?

Any person who acts as a VA fiduciary and responsible for beneficiary’s money management must complete this Federal Fiduciary’s Account form in order to report on the current status of the account.

What is Form VA 21P-4706b for?

This fillable VA form 21p 4706b is designed to provide accurate information on the financial indicators of the veteran’s account. Fiduciary provides information on money received, spent and actual assets at the end of report’s period. The form includes information about U.S. Saving Bonds, which are the property of the estate of the beneficiary. The entire form must be certified by the VA Fiduciary Activity.

Is Form VA 21P-4706b accompanied by other forms?

The VA Form 21-4718a, Certification of Funds on Deposit, should be attached if this VA 21P-4706b shows any funds on deposit.

When is Form VA 21P-4706b due?

The time period described in this form is specified in the form itself. Form VA 21P-4706b is filled on request and is not tied to any specific dates.

How do I fill out Form VA 21P-4706b?

You should provide information on topics mentioned above. They are: 1) Money received; 2) Money Spent; 3) Total estate at end of period; 4) Assets at end of period; 5) Total assets;

A completed form should be signed by fiduciary and VA official.

Where do I send Form VA 21P-4706b?

Completed and signed, this form must remain with the official representative of the VA.

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